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There are lots of great things to see and do when visiting Wedderburn...

Pop into the Wedderburn Tavern for great food and service.

The picturesque town of Naseby is only a 15 minute drive, where you can explore the rich gold mining history of the town, try your hand at indoor curling (which can be done all year round), or explore the popular trails by bike or foot...


Wedderburn Tavern

Wedderburn-Becks Road, Wedderburn (5 minutes walk)
Phone 03 444 9548

Royal Hotel Naseby

1 Earne Street, Naseby (15 minute drive)
Phone 03 444 9990

Waipiata Country Hotel
29 Main Street, Waipiata (25 minutes drive)

Phone 03 444 9470

Danseys Pass Hotel
3476 Danseys Pass Road, Naseby (35 minutes drive)

Phone 03 444 9048

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